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Magnesium Chloride Products

Z&S Dust Control serves a wide variety of businesses and individuals. Government agencies, private businesses, and private individuals turn to Z&S to find the right product that will last with good quality.

DustGard liquid is used to control dust, stabilize soil on unpaved roads, and help with wind erosion problems. Using DustGard magnesium chloride makes it so there is less equipment wear and tear, less maintenance and man hours, and less gravel replacement. The magnesium chloride attracts moisture from the air so the roads stay damp and reduce the overall amount of dust created. DustGard also helps create more visibility and greater air quality.

Z&S Dust Control has been using DustGard for the last 15 years. With a strong focus on being environmentally friendly, DustGard was the best option for Z&S since it comes from a natural source.

DustGard products are naturally extracted from the Great Salt Lake. These inorganic minerals go through a natural solar evaporation process. With the help of the sun and the wind in Ogden, Utah, 100,000 gallons of water is evaporated each minute during the summer months. A solution of Brine, which is a nutrient rich sodium chloride mixture, is stirred into the evaporation ponds. This helps bring the salt solution ranges up. Brine solutions are known to help with de-icing and reducing freezing temperatures on roads. This entire process is cost effective and produces the highest quality of magnesium chloride products. Without this process, it would normally require 7 million tons of coal, which is not environmentally friendly. Magnesium chloride is a natural product so it is environmentally efficient.

Using Magnesium Chloride, instead of Calcium Chloride and Lignin, has proven to be the best option. Magnesium chloride reduced aggregate loss by 42-61%, lowered maintenance costs by 30-46%, and is more cost effective with traffic levels. Calcium chloride and lignin become cost effective at high traffic amounts, but magnesium chloride becomes cost effective at a lower traffic amount. The annual maintenance costs for roads with magnesium chloride is $21 a mile, which is lower than calcium chloride with $26 a mile, and lower than leaving the road untreated, which is $38 a mile.

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