Z & S Dust Control
  • Image of a road just treated with magnesium chloride spray.
  • Image of the storage tanks for the magnesium chloride spray at Z&S Dust Control.
  • A Z&S Dust Control truck applying product to a dirt road.
  • Image of a tractor preparing a road before the dust control application.
  • Z&S Dust Control truck ready to do treatment on a dirt road.

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Deicing Services

Snow and ice make for hazardous road conditions regardless of what tires your vehicle is equipped with or how experienced of a driver you are. Our environmentally-friendly deicing services use the product FreezGard, a magnesium chloride liquid, to keep roads safe and ice-free during the toughest winter storms. It is the leading high-performance ice melt liquid on the market and it is trusted by transportation departments across the country. FreezGard creates the safest roads with its low temperature performance and high volume melting capabilities. This liquid magnesium chloride product will perform in temperatures down to -15° F, preventing snow and ice from bonding to the pavement.

FreezGard is an eco-friendly ice melt solution that is made from 100% natural minerals from the Great Salt Lake. This natural mineral process produces the highest quality and most cost effective magnesium chloride products in the world. Our deicing services are a safe solution for equipment and concrete, which reduces road spalling and scaling. The need for sand and gravel throughout the winter months is eliminated, which also eliminates spring cleanup expenses and air pollution. FreezGard contains lower levels of toxicity compared to other competing products, which makes the liquid safe for humans and reduces the impact on wildlife and natural resources.

Magnesium Chloride is the first choice for snow and ice melt products due to its low temperature performance capabilities, effectiveness in preventing slick roads, and low impact on the environment compared to other deicing products. Its performance versatility for deicing and dust control make it the most efficient product for Z&S Dust Control services. To beat the toughest conditions that are thrown at you throughout the winter, choose a product and service that you can trust.

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