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Horse Arena Dust Control Services

Every horse arena in the country has three things in common: the spirit of the competition, dedication, and a whole lot of dust. A dusty, poorly maintained horse arena is an unpleasant experience for riders, horses, and spectators. Not only is it irritating, but it also poses a significant health concern for all involved by reducing visibility and loss of riding surface, while also causing harm to the lungs, which can severely jeopardize the performance. If you are not taking the proper steps to maintain the dust within the arena, the results may become a costly problem.

Dust Gard logo.Our horse arena dust control services offer an effective, environmentally-friendly solution for riders, horses, and spectators. We use two products: DustGard® and IceAway® Max Green™. DustGard® is a liquid magnesium chloride formula that offers an indoor and outdoor dust suppression solution. It is the ideal liquid product for keeping dust at bay, so riders can compete without the distracting and hazardous dust, while also providing visible entertainment for patrons.

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IceAway® Max Green™ is a unique crystal shaped magnesium chloride product that is a fast-acting dust control solution. Similar to Dustgard®, this high-performance product is an environmentally-friendly solution for riders, horses, and spectators. The product is spread across the arena, then it is disced in with the soil. The crystal shaped flakes draw in moisture and become a liquid substance within the soil, which suppresses the spread of dust.  

We serve: 

  • Riding arenas
  • Race tracks
  • Round pens
  • Corrals and paddocks

Our products draw in moisture from the air to help bind dust, keeping it from becoming airborne. This results in less watering, maintenance, and repair of the horse arena. Our magnesium chloride products are all-natural dust control solutions that contain no volatile organic compounds, so the ground will not be contaminated. Another benefit of the products we off are their ability to suppress dust for months, so depending on the amount of activity, only one application per season is necessary.

Z&S Dust Control offers the most effective and safe horse arena dust control solutions in both liquid and flake form. Discover how you can benefit your arena by ensuring better soil stability, cleaner air for participants and patrons, and better visibility, while also choosing the most environmentally-friendly option.

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