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  • Image of a road just treated with magnesium chloride spray.
  • Image of the storage tanks for the magnesium chloride spray at Z&S Dust Control.
  • A Z&S Dust Control truck applying product to a dirt road.
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  • Z&S Dust Control truck ready to do treatment on a dirt road.

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Road Dust Control Services

Maintaining dust-free roads is crucial in order to keep drivers safe. Loose gravel can cause unnecessary vehicle damage such as chipped paint, cracked windshields, and broken headlights. Reduced visibility due to dust is both irritating and hazardous for drivers. Dusty roads are not only dangerous for people on the road, but also the residents who live along gravel roads. Poorly maintained roads increase the chance of developing respiratory health problems in the young, elderly, and those with breathing problems. Unpaved roads are also at risk of destructive wind erosion, which can migrate into surrounding vegetation. Crops, grasslands, trees, and other plant life can be affected by loose soil from roads. Luckily, Z&S Dust Control provides high-performance road dust control solutions for soil stabilization, cleaner air, and greater safety through improved road conditions. 

We operate on a variety of surface roads, including:

  • Gravel roads
  • Mine sites
  • Wind tower sites
  • Oil field sites
  • Agricultural sites
  • Forest service roads
  • Campgrounds
  • Fairgrounds

Dust Gard logo.At Z&S Dust Control, we trust our liquid magnesium chloride product, DustGard®. It is a stabilizing agent derived from Great Salt Lake minerals. Its magnesium chloride component attracts moisture from the air and keeps roads damp.

Since magnesium chloride is composed of organic minerals, it is non-toxic and completely safe for humans and animals. DustGard® not only saves roads, but also money. It is one of the most effective road dust control products because in retains moisture for prolonged periods and reduces routine maintenance costs, which can help save you from costs like labor, equipment, and fuel.

When applied consistently each season, DustGard® will control dust at a cost-effective, high-performance rate. Z&S Dust Control offers the most environmentally-friendly dust suppressant that will ensure safer roads for drivers and surrounding residents, at a prolonged rate. Discover how your unpaved road can benefit by ensuring better soil stability, cleaner air, and better visibility.

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