Z & S Dust Control
  • Image of a road just treated with magnesium chloride spray.
  • Image of the storage tanks for the magnesium chloride spray at Z&S Dust Control.
  • A Z&S Dust Control truck applying product to a dirt road.
  • Image of a tractor preparing a road before the dust control application.
  • Z&S Dust Control truck ready to do treatment on a dirt road.

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  • Image of dust blowing behind a truck on an untreated road.
  • Image of a large applicator at work and can do about 6,000 gallons at a time.
  • Image of tractor preparing a road before being treated by Z&S Dust Control.
  • Image of 25,000 gallon portable storage tank that can be set on site for larger projects.
  • Image of a large applicator getting ready to treat a dirt road.
  • Image of our storage site in Rapid City with one of our 50,000 gallon storage bladders. About 500,000 gallons at one site.
  • Z&S Dust Control
  • Image of a magnesium chloride treated road after several weeks, it sets up very hard.
  • Image of a Z&S Dust Control large application truck.
  • Image of 20,000 gallon portable storage bladders.
  • Image of a Z&S Dust Control truck applying magnesium chloride to a road.
  • Image of a Z&S Dust Control Large application truck treating a road.
  • Image of a Z&S Dust Control application truck finishing a road.

Service and Equipment

Z&S Dust Control offers a wide selection of deicing and dust control services throughout South Dakota. We operate year-round and are focused on providing reasonably priced, efficient services to our customers. Our dust control and deicing services are performed by our skilled and experienced employees with the goal of upholding our mission to provide outstanding dust control and deicing services at reasonable prices.

Magnesium chloride is the preferred chemical for our dust control and road deicing services and products. When used for dust control, magnesium chloride retains moisture from the air to keep the dust levels down on surfaces. When used as a deicer during the winter months, magnesium chloride lowers the temperature at which water freezes, or remains frozen, keeping the roads from getting slick.

If you prefer, Z&S will supply the products for your own application. We also sell additional dust control products if requested.

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We operate on a variety of surface roads, including:

  • Gravel roads
  • Mine sites
  • Wind tower sites
  • Oil field sites
  • Agricultural sites
  • Forest service roads
  • Campgrounds
  • Fairgrounds

We work with:

  • City government
  • County government
  • State government
  • Game, Fish & Parks
  • Private companies

Dust Control

Putting up with dusty, unpleasant areas can be not only irritating, but also harmful to everyone involved. At Z&S Dust Control, we offer environmentally-safe dust control services for both roads and horse arenas. For our road dust control services, we trust our liquid magnesium chloride product, DustGard®. This product has the ability to stabilize loose gravel so it does not damage vehicles or equipment, while also suppressing dust so it does not reduce visibility.

Dust Gard logo.At Z&S Dust Control, we also use DustGard® to keep dust at bay in horse arenas so it does not cause hazardous conditions such as reduced visibility and respiratory issues for participants. A second product that we offer for our horse arena dust control services is IceAway® Max Green™. It is a crystal shaped magnesium chloride product that is a high-performance dust solution that is spread across the arena and disced into soil. From roads to horse arenas, we've provide dust suppression solutions that are both high-performance and environmentally friendly.

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Snow and ice make for hazardous road conditions regardless of what tires your vehicle is equipped with or how experienced of a driver you are. Our deicing services use FreezGard, a liquid magnesium chloride, in order to keep roads safe and ice-free by preventing ice from bonding. It will melt ice down to -15 F and it is one of the most cost-effective products on the market.

Magnesium Chloride is the first choice for ice and snow melt products because it is effective and it has lesser impact on the environment compared to other deicing products. Its melting capability combined with its natural salt components make it an excellent product for deicing roads, even during tough conditions.

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